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Meet CondoVoter Voting

Let unit owners vote electronically from anywhere and easily reach quorum.

Don't get stuck with the voting methods that fail.
Get unstuck with CondoVoter.

The days of sealing hundreds of envelopes and walking door-to-door to get proxies are over.
CondoVoter provides a simple and powerful electronic voting platform that engages owners and ensures that your meeting goes off without a hitch.

With CondoVoter Voting, you get:


Vote Administration

  • Electronic & Telephone voting

  • Electronic proxy & advance voting

  • Double vote prevention

  • Weighted voting

  • Candidate nominations & profiles

  • Email deliverability reports


Voter Engagement

  • Notice delivery by email

  • Unlimited voting reminders

  • eConsent collection

  • Knowledge base


Vote Management

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Dedicated setup

  • Voter list management

  • Email & Telephone Support

  • Vote technician

  • Access to the Support team


Vote Integrity & Reporting

  • Secure voting links

  • Real-time quorum tracking

  • Token driven voter authentication

  • Custom reporting

Choose your package:

Why CondoVoter?

Get quorum at every annual meeting

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Top-rated provider trusted by over a thousand communities. Enjoy the lowest prices with our Price Match Guarantee.

Packed with powerful vote management features.

Secure Voting Links
No Double Voting
Real-Time Results
Candidate Profiles
Telephone Voting
Voter Reminders
Bank-level data encryption
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