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Chairperson Services for Condo, HOA and Strata Meetings

Ensure every voice is heard with our seasoned professionals chairing your virtual meetings.


Save time and budget with our seasoned professional chairing your condo or HOA meeting.

A neutral chair for difficult meetings

For meetings that require a neutral chair, our seasoned professionals will ensure the impartial chairing of your meeting. 

Experienced in chairing virtual meetings

With thousands of virtual meetings in condos and HOAs under our belt, our seasoned chairs guarantee your virtual voting and meetings will go off without a hitch.

Educated in the Condo Act

Our chairs are trained in the Condo Act to guarantee that your meetings adhere to legal requirements.

Chairperson Service Packages:

Chairperson Services

$450 CAD

per meeting/2.5 hours included

  • Full Service

  • Effective Leadership 

  • Professionally Trained

Your satisfaction guaranteed

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