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Fully Hosted Virtual Annual General Meeting Package

The CondoVoter Bundle is an end-to-end full-service virtual Annual meeting solution, simplifying the entire AGM process from pre- to post-meeting.

Reaching quorum has never been this simple.

CondoVoter lets you run your annual meetings virtually. Unit owners can vote from anywhere and join the meeting from the comfort of their couch. Our voting and video-conferencing platform allows you to create a smooth meeting flow that your unit owners and meeting attendees will love.

Bring virtual annual meetings to your communities with ease.

With CondoVoter Bundle, you get:

Choose your package:

Why choose Virtual Annual Meeting Package

Frequently asked questions

CondoVoter guarantees quorum, boosts voter engagement and saves serious hours. Our software is used by many HOAs and condos each year to improve their voting process.

Do you moderate meetings?
What if I don't reach quorum
How do you prevent double voting?
How full service works in CondoVoter
I have less than 50% of the voters' emails
Is CondoVoter safe and secure?
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