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Make your annual meetings a breeze

CondoVoter is a provider of online voting and virtual meeting services for Condominiums, Stratas and Homeowners Associations

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Guaranteed Quorum (or it’s free!)

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Full-service Guarantee (with no hidden fees)

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Hassle-Free Price Matching

Trusted among largest associations and industry leaders 

Everything you need to run annual and board meetings remotely

You can trust our experts to create a perfect voting and meeting experience for all – board members, owners and property management.

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Electronic & Telephone Voting

Run elections and voting online with ease. Owners can vote from anywhere. Our experts fully manage your voting process, including setup, sending notices and reminders, collecting of votes and quorum itself.

Fully Managed Virtual Meeting

Bring virtual meetings to your unit owners with ease. Our experts will handle the technology.

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Seamless Hybrid Meetings

Our hybrid meetings service is a complete solution that takes the complexity out of organizing a hybrid meeting. 

Additional Services

One-stop shop for all your meeting needs

Explore our additional services that saves your time and budget.

Minute-Taking Service

Save time and improve the effectiveness of your meetings with the help of our professional minute takers.

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Annual Budget Distribution

CondoVoter ensures timely and hassle-free delivery of budget packages to your owners, ensuring accuracy every time.

Virtual Meeting Chairing Service

For meetings that require a neutral chair, our seasoned professionals will ensure an impartial chairing of your meeting. 


Powerful solution for property managers, and convenient voting platform for owners

View live quorum counts from your management portal and track who has voted. Give owners a top-notch voting experience. Our intuitive platform works for every owner.


What Our Clients Say

"Previously we would have to chase owners for proxies to get the required quorum, achieving a quorum is not a problem anymore with CondoVoter."

Valerie Smith,

Condominium Manager,

Del Property Management

"I use CondoVoter for all my Annual and Turnover Meetings. The moderators do a fantastic job running the virtual meetings. CondoVoter’s online voting is so easy for owners to use we always get great participation."

Stephen Bird,

OLCM, Property Manager,

First Service Residential

"Online voting saves us so much time and energy for getting quorum."

Ben Nati,

Condominium Manager,

FirstService Residential

Ditch the voting and meeting methods that let you down.

CondoVoter guarantees voting integrity, boosts owner engagement and saves serious hours.

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of satisfied clients
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Thousands of successfully hosted meetings

There is more to our service

Guarantees you can be sure of. 

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Guaranteed Quorum (or it's free)

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Hassle-Free Price Matching

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Full-Service Guarantee (with no hidden fees)

Goodbye proxies. Hello easy, productive meetings.

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Top-rated provider trusted by over a thousand communities. Enjoy the lowest prices with our Price Match Guarantee.

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