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Hybrid Condo/HOA Meeting: How To Make This Meeting Variant Work

Condominium corporations and HOAs are now trying to implement a hybrid meeting format, and, as a property manager, you’re probably asking yourself: “Should I give it a shot?” Hybrid meetings offer the best of both worlds by combining virtual and in-person participation. This allows attendees the option to choose how they want to participate in the meeting, whether it be in person or virtually. One of the many benefits of this format is that it tends to increase voter turnout and provides flexibility for those who may still be cautious about in-person interactions or simply cannot attend in person. 


5 Tips to Make Hybrid Meetings Work in Your Community


First, think about the equipment. Specialized tech is required to sync the in-person and virtual room. A device called the “meeting owl” has been designed specifically for hybrid meetings. This device comes equipped with a 360-degree camera and microphone that can be placed at the front of the room to capture and project the in-person meeting to the virtual attendees and project sound from the virtual side to the in person. A projector is also required to display the virtual attendance to those in-person, and of course, a laptop is needed to connect to the Zoom meeting. Along with all these items, a stable Wi-Fi connection is strongly recommended to keep the meeting running seamlessly, and wire connections for all devices (including a power source) are required as well. Some equipment is optional, including a microphone for the physical room to project sound throughout and paper ballots if desired.

Second, ensure that the physical room has little to no echo. This can interfere with the audio quality for the virtual attendees. If a projector is being used to display the Zoom room in-person, then a projection screen would be suggested as well, and dim lighting in that area of the room. A projector is an additional item that can help create the most effective hybrid experience, however, successful hybrids can easily be run without one. 

Third, consider taking a survey from your ownership to determine if there is interest in hosting a hybrid meeting. This can also help gauge the size of the location needed for the physical room.  

Close attention should also be paid to the fair treatment of all owners present, virtual or in person. Ensure that adequate time is given to both forums to participate throughout the meeting, whether it be for motions, question and answer periods, or any other business that is to be conducted. If there is a CondoVoter on-site Technician present, this individual would pay close attention to both floors to ensure that all questions and comments are addressed in a timely and fair manner.  


Keep This Tip in Mind When Implementing Hybrid Meeting

Hybrid meetings are not only a simple alternative to fully in person meetings but also offer the added convenience of advance e-voting. Electronic voting allows members to participate in the voting process well before the actual meeting, reducing the time needed during the live in-person meeting and increasing the chances of achieving quorum in advance. 

Hybrids can be as simple as a virtual meeting and nowhere similar to the hassle of hosting a fully in-person meeting.

While hybrid meetings may present their own challenges, opting for a full-service provider like CondoVoter can simplify the process by taking care of the hybrid meeting and voting from start to finish. Learn more about the CondoVoter Hybrid.


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